Reading List: Asian History, Australian History, Linguistic History, and Memoir

Asian History

India before Europe by Cynthia Talbot and Catherine B. Asher

Shanghai: China’s Gateway to Modernity by Marie-Claire Bergère

The Age of Confucian Rule: The Song Transformation of China (History of Imperial China) by Dieter Kuhn

Port of Last Resort: The Diaspora Communities of Shanghai by Marcia Ristaino

The United States and China: Into the Twenty-first Century by Michael Schaller

Australian History

Aboriginal Australians: A History Since 1788 by Richard Broome

Lives of the Papunya Tula Artists by Vivien Johnson

Once Upon a Time in Papunya by Vivien Johnson

Genocide and Settler Society: Frontier Violence and Stolen Indigenous Children in Australian History (Studies in War and Genocide) edited by A. Dirk Moses

Language History

Our Marvelous Native Tongue: The Life and Times of the English Language by Robert Claiborne

Our Magnificent Bastard Tongue: The Untold History of English by John McWhorter

Empires of the Word: A Language History of the World by Nicholas Ostler


The Alexiad (Penguin Classics) by Anna Comnena

How We Survived Communism & Even Laughed by Slevanka Drakulic

Defying Hitler: A Memoir by Sebastian Haffner

The Mitfords: Letters Between Six Sisters edited by Charlotte Mosley

The Complete Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

Hatchepsut: The Female Pharaoh by Joyce A. Tyldesley