Reading List: Jewish History-Early Modern and Modern European Jewry

Germany and German-Speaking Lands

Gender, Judaism, and Bourgeois Culture in Germany, 1800-1870 (The Modern Jewish Experience) by Benjamin Maria Baader

The Renaissance of Jewish Culture in Weimar Germany by Michael Brenner

The Pity of It All: A Portrait of the German-Jewish Epoch, 1743-1933 by Amos Elon

Haskalah and History: The Emergence of a Modern Jewish Historical Consciousness (Littman Library of Jewish Civilization) by Shmuel Feiner

Female, Jewish, and Educated: The Lives of Central European University Women (Modern Jewish Experience) by Harriet Pass Freidenreich

Jewish High Society in Old Regime Berlin by Deborah Hertz

The Making of the Jewish Middle Class: Women, Family, and Identity in Imperial Germany (Studies in Jewish History (Oxford Paperback)) by Marion A. Kaplan

Jewish Daily Life in Germany, 1618-1945 edited by Marion A. Kaplan

Out of the Ghetto: The Social Background of Jewish Emancipation, 1770-1870 (Modern Jewish History) by Jacob Katz

Toward Modernity: The European Jewish Model by Jacob Katz

From Prejudice to Destruction: Anti-Semitism, 1700-1933 by Jacob Katz

The Origins of the Modern Jew: Jewish Identity and European Culture in Germany, 1749-1824 by Michael A. Meyer

The Jews of Vienna, 1867-1914: Assimilation and Identity by Marsha Rozenblit

Early Modern Jewry: A New Cultural History by David B. Ruderman

The Transformation of German Jewry, 1780-1840 (Studies in Jewish History) by David Sorkin

Eastern Europe

The Jews of Eastern Europe, 1772-1881 (Jewish Culture and Contexts) by Israel Bartal

The Jews of Poland Between Two World Wars (Tauber Institute for the Study of European Jewry Series) by Yisrael Gutman

Jews in Poland-Lithuania in the Eighteenth Century: A Genealogy of Modernity by Gershon David Hundert

Gender and Assimilation in Modern Jewish History: The Roles and Representation of Women (Samuel and Althea Stroum Lectures in Jewish Studies) by Paula E. Hyman

Jewish Bialystok and Its Diaspora (The Modern Jewish Experience) by Rebecca Kobrin

The Jews of East Central Europe between the World Wars (A Midland Book) by Ezra Mendelsohn

Beyond the Pale: The Jewish Encounter with Late Imperial Russia (Studies on the History of Society and Culture) by Benjamin Nathans

Reading Jewish Women: Marginality and Modernization in Nineteenth-Century Eastern European Jewish Society (Tauber Institute Series for the Study of European Jewry) by Iris Parush

Early Modern Jewry: A New Cultural History by David B. Ruderman

Soviet and Kosher: Jewish Popular Culture in the Soviet Union, 1923-1939 by Anna Shternshis

Tsar Nicholas I and the Jews: The transformation of Jewish society in Russia, 1825-1855 by Michael Stanislawski

Making Jews Modern: The Yiddish and Ladino Press in the Russian and Ottoman Empires (The Modern Jewish Experience) by Sarah Abrevaya Stein


Dreyfus: Politics, Emotion, and the Scandal of the Century by Ruth Harris

The Emancipation of the Jews of Alsace: Acculturation and Tradition in the Nineteenth Century by Paula Hyman

From Dreyfus to Vichy: The Remaking of French Jewry 1906-1939 by Paula Hyman

Napoleon and the Jews by Franz Kobler

Early Modern Jewry: A New Cultural History by David B. Ruderman


The Jews of Britain, 1656 to 2000 (Jewish Communities in the Modern World) by Todd M. Endelman

The Jews of Georgian England, 1714-1830: Tradition and Change in a Liberal Society by Todd M. Endelman

Early Modern Jewry: A New Cultural History by David B. Ruderman


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